Happy Bloomsday Everybody!

5 responses to “Happy Bloomsday Everybody!

  1. haven’t listened yet but I think you knew my Finnegans Wake background. Can’t wait to hear it a bit later!

  2. Interested in an excellent book (not by Joyce) with a Bloom’s Day focus? Okay focus is the wrong word, but it’s prominent. Check out South of Broad by Pat Conroy. Great characters. Great story. And a minor plot line about how unreadable James Joyce is.

  3. rob, i have always INTENDED to read something by mr. conroy. this could be the tipping point. i once heard a theory that finnegans wake was written for an audience of one: james joyce.

  4. Finnegans wake is written in i believe over 60 languages. the surprising thing is that he was writing it while drinking vs on heroin, or regular doses of mushrooms. Obviously this was pre-LSD and very ingenious.

  5. howie, i think James Joyce, like Salvador Dali, WAS drugs.

    a high school pal in ireland went to paris expressly to meet Sam Beckett – Joyce’s typist! He tracked him down in a cafe in paris. 85 year old Beckett was slightly amused by it apparently. but only slightly. very slightly.

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