An agency blog that’s actually better than this one!

Hard to believe but true. It really exists.

The blog is written by Dave Trott. Dave Trott is one of the true legends of UK advertising. He’s David Abbott’s equal. And Charles Saatchi’s equal. He says he’s not John Webster’s equal. I think he’s wrong.

But, unlike his aforementioned equals, Dave writes a blog. And it’s great.

Most ad blogs suffer from NOT being written by industry legends. Not Dave’s.

If you like free wisdom, you’ll love his blog.

15 responses to “An agency blog that’s actually better than this one!

  1. Very flattering Vinny, but not true.
    I’m not as good as any of those guys.
    But that doesn’t mean I can’t beat them sometimes.
    That was something I learned in New York.
    It’s no fun beating people who aren’t as good as you.
    The fun is in beating people who are bigger and/or better than you.

  2. Dave,

    well this is my blog, so what I say goes!


    Heh! Yes, it is more fun to slay giants. Gets you a lot more PR too.

  3. btw, didn’t you attend the Pratt Institute in Brooklyn?

  4. Yup, that’s where I discovered advertising.
    We had a class every week with two guys from Delehanty Kurnit & Geller.
    (The guys that did Talon Zippers).
    Then later on with Mike Tesch at Carl Alley.
    (The guy who did the Fedex stuff.)
    Then Lois Holland & Callaway.
    Then I graduated and got a job as a deckhand on a freighter down to South America.
    When I got back to NYC I worked at a breakaway from Jack Tinker: Kurtz Kambanis & Symon.
    Then my visa ran out, and it was either go to VietNam or come home.
    No contest really.

  5. A great time to be in NYC.

    When I first came to this country i used to sneak into the Pratt library in Brooklyn to peruse their complete sets of both D&AD and One Show annuals.

    I met Mike Tesch once at the Clios. We talked about his Carly Ally days. Nice guy.

  6. So you must have lived in Bklyn Vinny.
    Unusual, most Brits only know Manhattan.
    How did you like Bed Stuy?
    It was quite hairy when I was there.

  7. I actually lived in Queens.

    I’m from Ireland and there was a big Irish community there. Sort of a Kilburn in NYC.
    It was dodgy. The thing about New York is you can never really relax.

  8. I know Queens was Irish because that was where all the cops lived.
    I knew you were Irish.
    When I say ‘Brits’ I mean it in the Jack Charlton sense: everyone’s got an Irish granny so they can play for Ireland.

  9. Jack Charlton. A genius.

    i lived in the most ethnically diverse postcode in the entire USA. very interesting.

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  11. Hey,
    My names Alex. My father was Steve Kambanis. You worked with him??

  12. who? me or dave?

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