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A great ad for a great cause

amber alerts ad
I saw this poster recently. It’s advertising “amber alerts” a mobile phone based network of regular folks who are texted a message whenever a child disappears in their part of the country so they can form a digital posse, if you will, to help find the missing child. It’s a great use of technology for a great cause. And this ad does it justice.

I signed up for the amber alerts program based on seeing this ad alone. i can’t think of higher praise. whoever did this knows exactly what they’re doing. well done.

An agency blog that’s actually better than this one!

Hard to believe but true. It really exists.

The blog is written by Dave Trott. Dave Trott is one of the true legends of UK advertising. He’s David Abbott’s equal. And Charles Saatchi’s equal. He says he’s not John Webster’s equal. I think he’s wrong.

But, unlike his aforementioned equals, Dave writes a blog. And it’s great.

Most ad blogs suffer from NOT being written by industry legends. Not Dave’s.

If you like free wisdom, you’ll love his blog.