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Be honest.

One of the reasons you got into advertising was because you thought it was kind of cool and glamourous.

And it kind of is. Even now.

You get to have a fantasy job: dreaming up things all day.

And you get to go to Hollywood and shoot wee films with the best talent in the world.

And just like Hollywood we have our own Oscars.

And it’s the Cannes Advertising Festival.

It’s the world championship of advertising and it’s the closest we ad folk get to actual glamour.

So we’re going to Cannes.

This will be my second trip to Cannes.

My first one worked out spectacularly well!

Maybe my presence there is the key to success. Let’s test that theory.

I’m really looking forward to it.

And I’m really tired of the award non-winners who tsk tsk and pooh pooh the “excess” of it all.

Adverising people work really, really, really, really, really, really hard.

We don’t deserve to blow off a little steam?

Oh yes we fucking do.

And Cannes is that.

Every creative industry has award shows. It’s part of the game. Part of the fun. We all do it

But the best part of all this Cannes partying is that you make great connections with ad folks from all over the planet.

It’s a trade show. It’s actually useful. That bit gets overlooked by people who have never actually been there.

You will see something that will shake you out of your regional coma.

You will meet someone from Bulgaria who will blow your mind. And take you to a party that will blow your mind.

The whole world comes to Cannes.

And that’s what makes it special.

And everyone dreams about someday lifting a Cannes Grand Prix.

And let me tell you from experience, it is the best feeling in the world.

Having thousands of your peers cheer you and hail you as the best in the world is a feeling that could very well go to your head.

But then you’re back home taking out the garbage a few days later.

That kind of breaks the spell to be honest.

Our new work for Wheat Thins

We very recently shot and edited this campaign for client Wheat Thins. In case you’re from foreign as they used to say in England, Wheat Thins are an American snack that is universally loved here in the USA. As the name suggests, it’s a wholesome wheat-based unit of yum.

Wheat Thins’ problem is, if anything, over-familiarity. The reverse of the awareness problem. It’s available everywhere and it’s been around forever. But there is a lot of love for the brand. How do we know this? Because we found it flowing like a torrent on Twitter. While coming up with ideas for Wheat Thins we had the idea of searching Twitter to see what, if anything the Twits were saying about Wheat Thins. We were stunned to find hundreds of unprovoked declarations of undying love for the brand. Some were just slavish “I love Wheat Thins so much i would die for them” . Some were more witty. Some were just odd.

As anyone who tweets regularly knows, the one thing you DON’T expect is for your random tossed-off utterances to have any consequences. That’s the ONE THING you can be certain of. Until now that is!

We selected a random selection of pro-Wheat Thins tweets and slyly tracked down the Tweeters. We then arrived in a van, A TEAM style, and confronted them with their tweets. We thanked them and gave them a gift based on their particular tweet and left basically. Leaving stunned tweeters in our wake. As you can imagine it was enormous fun to shoot. And in case you’re wondering, we usually had the assistance of a facebook friend or otherwise contacted family member to help us set up our marks. I’m always amazed at how easy it is to set up people for pranks. Don’t trust your loved ones!

Among our victims we had a Mom (and wife of a Navy Seal), an air guitar champion (i know, he sounds casted. he wasn’t), a dude in a coffee shop (set up by him mom. hi Beverly!) and a trainee nurse. it was completely random. And no it wasn’t faked. These were actual tweets. That’s what made the whole thing fun: the element of the unknown. The uncontrollable.

We hope you like them as much as we do. Kudos to fearless Wheat Thins clients Jim Low and Beth McMorrow who toughed it out with us in the white video bus that didn’t really have a whole lot of video to be honest. But great A/C! Thank you driver Gary!


and Tim



Managing Director: Norm Bilow
Creative Director: Vinny Warren
Creatives: Allan Stevenson/Jimmy Olson
Exec. Producer Kent Kwiatt

Production Co: SMUGGLER
Exec. Producer: Brian Carmody
Director: Renny Maslow
Producer: Shelby Ross

Editorial: Whitehouse Chicago
Editor: Matt Walsh
Asst. Editor: Matt Jameson

Sound: LIME L.A./Sam Casas

Color: New Hat/Bob Fresca

Happy New Beard!

Justin Reardon, my old art director partner on the Whassup! campaign and now a film director with Anonymous Content LA, created this as an invite for his New Year’s party. Wow. I would have just sent an email!

Justin is from New Jersey.