Daily Archives: June 24, 2010

Wassup with this guy?

ten years ago this week i lifted the Cannes Grand Prix for a lil ole thing called Wassup! for Budweiser. it was a lot of fun. but not as much fun as actually shooting the ads themselves.

keen ad students will know that i based the ads on a short film shot by Charles Stone III as a sort of calling card to Hollywood to show he could shoot more than rap videos.

What you might not know is that one of the guys in the ads wasn’t in fact in the short film Charles shot. I had the bright idea of holding a casting call for this and other roles we needed to fill in the ads. it was shocking how hard it was to find somebody shout “wassup!” right. nobody could do it. except friends of Charles Stone. i actually cut a very funny video of “wrong” actors who auditioned for the role. i will dig it up.

One of Charles’ friends who appeared in the original short was a shy animator who didn’t want to appear in the ads. So there was a kind of big role open for a new “DOOKIE”. Charles brought in this guy to audition for the role. His name is Scott Martin Brooks. He is a childhood friend of Charles’. He was a star from day one and remains one. Funny as shit, really nice guy. His star quality was obvious. So we created this spot for him. We knew he could carry it.

Scott now has a blog. I highly recommend it.

And here Scott is in action in his very first starring role. I was a big fan of ice-skating back then believe it or not. the ice-skating thing was purely for me. kind of funnier than i expected it to be. this one aired on Superbowl 2000.