Daily Archives: June 7, 2010

Shooting in LA

Blogging service temporarily disrupted by the actual work of advertising: creating stuff!

We’re in LA shooting film again. I’ve done this hundreds of times now and it never gets old. Filming things is exciting. and filming exciting ideas is even more exciting. if you’re not turned on by your idea nobody else will either.

when i started in advertising i had no idea i would end up shooting so much film in my career. i have inadvertently have gotten a masters degree in filmmaking (and storytelling) via advertising. telling stories on film is interesting because it’s a puzzle. always. there are many opportunities to go disastrously and irretrievably wrong. film making is about chemistry.

the biggest mistake you can make IMHO is to cling to your original idea too hard. film making is a process. your script/idea is only the start of that process. things change. go with the flow. the saying that in film you write things three times is true. you write them when you write them. you write them when you shoot them. and you write them when you edit them. that’s kind of all you need to know. surrender to the process.