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The New World Champions of Advertising

“Why do so many TV ads suck? Seriously!” – Norm Bilow, Managing Director, The Escape Pod. Just minutes ago.

Norm said that as he watched the new Cannes Grand Prix winning Old Spice ad from Wieden and Kennedy. This is that ad. It’s sheer perfection. Watch it and see. There isn’t a wasted millisecond. It’s pure old school hard sell wrapped up in genius execution. Solid gold.

If I wore a hat, i would be doffing it in appreciation. Not every Cannes Grand Prix winning ad is a great ad. This one is. Bravo!

Go on, watch it again. You know you want to.

We won a Cannes Grand Prix!!!

le grand prixOK, it was a few years ago. Not tonight. Thought I’d clear that up. We won it for creating the Budweiser Whassup! campaign.

Congratulations to friend and former colleague Geoff Edwards who won a Grand Prix tonight for his Halo 3 work. Geoff is swilling back the champagne in Cannes as i write. Am i jealous? No way. OK maybe. Kudos also to frequent Escape Pod directorial partner Henry Alex Rubin, who nabbed several gold lions for his BK Whopper Freakout campaign.

What does winning a Cannes Grand Prix mean? It means you’re the Advertising World Champion for that year. I was blown away by how many ad folks actually show up there every year from all over the world. That’s what makes it the world championships. The world agrees that it is. The resulting publicity alone is mind-boggling. You get a taste of what fame is like.

It’s easy to get all puritanical and dismiss Cannes as a mindless waste of money and a distraction from the real work of moving products. But didn’t we kind of get into advertising, at least partially, because it struck us as a tad glamourous? And because it offered a chance to perhaps party just a tad. It’s showbiz! And Cannes is our Oscars.

The best advice I got the night of winning? To walk down the red carpetted stairs of the palais V-E-R-Y S-L-O-W-L-Y after the ceremony. That’s when all the ad journalists snap pix of you grinning like an idiot holding your hefty gold lion statue on marble. It’s as glamourous as advertising gets.

I hope Geoff took his time descending the steps tonight. Coz when you reach the bottom, the spell is broken and it’s back to being just another ad guy. albeit one with a cannes grand prix.

[update: turns out geoff won TWO grand prix. he got one for best integrated campaign too. think i need a lie-down]