i just watched Toy Story 3 (in 3D) with my kids. it’s a great movie. great story, great execution. but why is it in 3D? My kids all felt it was unnecessary and distracting.

3D has become the new thing. Why?

A couple of reasons. Just as 3D was the gimmick that was supposed to save movies from TV back in the 50s, it has become the thing that will save movies from piracy in the 00s. The files will be too big to download and you can’t watch it on your computer.

But the flaw in that thinking is something very familiar to anyone who works in advertising: 3D isn’t an idea, it’s a technique. And applying it willy-nilly is just stupid. I noticed my kids and i ditching the 3D goggles several times during Toy Story 3. It just wasn’t adding anything to what was already a great story really well executed. Isn’t knowing when to stop the most important creative skill? It is.

The World Cup in 3D? great idea. everything and the kitchen sink in 3D? bad idea.

4 responses to “3D OR NOT 3D?

  1. Very well put but I’m afraid the great unwashed aren’t listening.

  2. …it reminds me of that great film, The Rebel, with Tony Hancock. When confronted in his local coffee house by those new fandangled coffee machines he demanded a coffee without the froth. I’m with Hancock! Catch it here. Btw it’s not in 3D! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=67LjST_9od8&feature=related

  3. Its money Vinny. Here is where I bring my Finance/Sales background to the table. If people will pay $15-20 to see a film vs $5-10 its a winner. Yes 3-D even HD really only improves action movies and sports or anything with great landscaping/visuals. We don’t need the Hills or I Love Lucy in HD or 3-D.

    So Avatars numbers were inflated by 3-D. And we forget the pitiful movie numbers. A movie that does $100 mil in sales really only has 10 million people out of 310 million people seeing it. Yet 100 million is a smashing success.

  4. i realize it’s all about money and that hollywood is about as strategic as a crackhead with ten bucks in his pocket. but my point is that, just like in the 1950s, it’s still a technique that adds questionable value to a medium that is doing just fine. Do i need to see the Coen Bros in 3D? it’s storytelling not effect.

    btw: Jonah Hex trailer looks amazing. probably crap but it was a good ad.

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