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This blog is moving. This is my last post here. Gonna miss this place! SNIFF!!!

photo-6in line with our seemingly eternal website redesign, this blog’s address has to change.

the new web address is http://theescapepod.com/blog/ See you there.

RSS reader users should use this link to continue their intake of blog magic, or blogic if I may.
And just in case, here it is another way: http://theescapepod.com/blog/feed/

i know it’s a lot to take in all of sudden. have a drink. take it easy.

Same insightful thoughts and immaculate prose, great new location!

An incredible blog

Recently retired Martin Agency leader Mike Hughes has very little time left to live apparently. He has lung cancer. He is blogging about it.

I met him once. He seemed nice. He has a huge head. Being a bit large of skull myself we got on well.

You can read his blog here.

God bless him.

The Ad Contrarian has written a book. You should read it.

Bob Hoffman, writer of the consistently great AD CONTRARIAN blog, has written a new book.

It’s an anthology composed of the his writings on his blog and industry publications.

Bob is a breath of fresh air in our business.

He is allergic to bullshit and, too rare a thing in our business, he has an actual bona fide point of view on things.

He reminds me of my first boss, Ed McCabe. He’s ruthlessly honest.

Anyhoo, you can download Bob’s new book here if you have a kindle.

It’s the ideal stocking stuffer! (Actually, an amputated lower leg would be the ideal stocking stuffer)

It’s chock full of the wisdom that makes his one of the most widely read advertising and marketing blogs.


(We are big fans of the writings of Seth Godin. We don’t always agree, but generally speaking Seth’s mind is a well-oiled machine whose output is common sense and smart thinking. Today he posted something that we felt compelled to re-blog simply because we are in complete agreement with everything he says. In fact, we kind of hit upon a similar theme a while back in reference to creativity. And no Seth, we are not accusing you of plagiarism. We will leave that up to our lawyers. We’re kidding! Kidding.)

The hierarchy of success

I think it looks like this:

1. Attitude
2. Approach
3. Goals
4. Strategy
5. Tactics
6. Execution

We spend all our time on execution. Use this word instead of that one. This web host. That color. This material or that frequency of mailing.

Big news: No one ever succeeded because of execution tactics learned from a Dummies book.

Tactics tell you what to execute. They’re important, but dwarfed by strategy. Strategy determines which tactics might work.

But what’s the point of a strategy if your goals aren’t clear, or contradict?

Which leads the first two, the two we almost never hear about.

Approach determines how you look at the project (or your career). Do you read a lot of books? Ask a lot of questions? Use science and testing or go with your hunches? Are you imperious? A lifehacker? When was the last time you admitted an error and made a dramatic course correction? Most everyone has a style, and if you pick the wrong one, then all the strategy, tactics and execution in the world won’t work nearly as well.

As far as I’m concerned, the most important of all, the top of the hierarchy is attitude. Why are you doing this at all? What’s your bias in dealing with people and problems?

Some more questions:

* How do you deal with failure?
* When will you quit?
* How do you treat competitors?
* What personality are you looking for in the people you hire?
* What’s it like to work for you? Why? Is that a deliberate choice?
* What sort of decisions do you make when no one is looking?

Sure, you can start at the bottom by focusing on execution and credentials. Reading a typical blog (or going to a typical school for 16 years), it seems like that’s what you’re supposed to do. What a waste.

Isn’t it odd that these six questions are so important and yet we almost never talk or write about them?

If the top of the hierarchy is messed up, no amount of brilliant tactics or execution is going to help you at all.

(PS: Put your email in the wee box on Seth’s blog and get his posts sent directly to your mobile device. for free!)

Seth Godin, please stop ripping off our blog!

It’s exciting really. (And no, we don’t really think The Great Domed One reads this blog, much less rips it off. we’re not that delusional) But, in his latest post on his blog, Seth (as we’d like to call him) makes the point that nobody owns the internet and that it doesn’t depend on advertising for its existence. So consequently, marketers can’t just bend it to their will. A point we made on this very blog just months ago. It was one of our first posts.

Good to know we’re not alone in our thinking. Great minds think alike etc.

You know what this means, don’t you? It means our blog is just as good as Seth’s, if not better, and that his readership should all just migrate here en masse.