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A word of advice to Apple: DON’T!!!

Watching the Olympics over the weekend i noticed a bunch of ads for Apple’s geniuses.

In a departure from the cool nothing-but-the-facts ads of the Steve Jobs era, these are intended to be funny.

Unfortunately, the ads are “funny” in the way that every other advertiser (that isn’t Apple and doesn’t have amazing products and services) tries to be. And it smacks of that same desperate desire to be noticed and liked.

Dudes, you’re Apple. Not Best Buy. You stand high on the mountain top, so please don’t stoop to the level of everyone else with a TV budget.

If you MUST be funny (and I’d think long and hard about that) remember there are different types of funny. And there are ways of being really entertaining without resorting to comedy: everybody’s default.

And these ads just feels flat and uninspired. The antithesis of everything Apple has come to stand for.

It’s actually damaging the brand in my opinion.


Lee Kern is a genius!

He did this. i can’t stop watching it. he has a website. work with us Lee. please.

News Alert! LOOK AROUND YOU debuted on Adult Swim last night!

The first season of the insanely brilliant Look Around You, an impossible-to-describe UK tv show that Simpsons creator Matt Groening called “The funniest TV show I have ever seen” debuted on Adult Swim on The Cartoon Network last night. Last night they aired the first “module”. But you can find lots of others on youtube. Peter Serafinowicz is a genius. As is Robert Popper. And the guy who does the voiceover is priceless too.

Enjoy this little sample.