Escape Pod creates its first skateboard

My son, god bless him, asked for a skateboard for his birthday. No problem there.

The only thing was he specified that it have a Scottish terrier graphic. Big problem. Perhaps not unsurprisingly, there is a distinct lack of Scottish terrier emblazoned skateboards out there.

So I asked Escape Pod designer/artist Dana Krystofiak to mock one up. And what I imagined would be quick photoshoppery and bingo, we’re done.

Instead, she drew and painted this epic masterpiece.

Never mind my son, I want one!

Thanks Dana.


4 responses to “Escape Pod creates its first skateboard

  1. Damn Vinny how could you allow him to have a Scotland themed board! I am telling Pat Quirke and the Queen….well I must say it is a really bad assed terrier if there is such a thing 8)

    Next thing he will be out bombing the Loop as a hoddied street artist 8)

  2. he wanted a scottish terrier so he got one. I intend to impress on him what a production this was. i fucking love it. he has great balance and grit. look out tony hawk

  3. That’s brilliant. Good on your son (Skating is the most creative sport in the world – how many other sports have consistently evolved over the last 40 years?). Good on your artist/inhouse genius. And good on you for being a great dad.

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