The best posts of the year

based on the number of clicks received, not our opinion. the hard facts jack!

1. Our idea for Obama. still have some plates if you want one.

2. A post inspired by our back to school effort for client OfficeMax. we like this one too.

3. A post about our new favorite ad blog written by UK ad legend Dave Trott. free wisdom, you can’t beat that.

INTERESTING FACT: A surprising/depressing amount of visitors to our blog seem to come from Poland and are using google image search to find pictures of Mike Tyson. Oh well.

2 responses to “The best posts of the year

  1. The origins of blog traffic.. there’s a book in there somewhere. I am always shocked and fascinated by what draws traffic and from where.

    My favorite to date are the visitors I get from Saudi Arabia who’ve just googled “public sexy”

    Where do they land? A post I did called “Making Public Transportation Sexy”

    At least I laugh ;)

  2. i know, it’s funny. and endlessly fascinating.

    i predict that’s where the next fortune in the internet will be made. insulation from the great unwashed! paranoia!

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