Dave Trott, we got your book right here!

We are huge fans of the legendary UK adman Dave Trott here at The Escape Pod. We’ve blogged about his blog before. And now we’re blogging about a book of his blog posts: an unauthorized collection of his wisdom that Allan Stevenson, a Welsh Escape Podder, received as a gift from his Catalan girlfriend for Valentine’s Day. And they say romance is dead.

That’s a picture of it below. Lovingly hand-crafted by the incredible Maite Canto, it’s like the Book of Kells of ad blogs. Only one exists. And no, you can’t have it.

If Dave was looking for a sign that maybe there might be a market for a collection of his wisdom, surely this is it.


26 responses to “Dave Trott, we got your book right here!

  1. Vinny and Allan,
    Awww shucks.
    I showed everyone at the agency and they were knocked out.
    I showed my family and they were knocked out too.
    It looks so impressive I think even my children will take me seriously now.
    You’re a lucky boy Allan.

  2. gees.. I wanna have one.


  3. You know what, you can make money from this book. LOL i am sure people would love to buy.

  4. dave,

    you’re welcome. it was bound to happen. i can see it in every airport bookshop. i like the cover too. it’s done!


    for now at least, you’ll have to make your own. sorry.

  5. The Honest-I-Do effect. Speechless.
    (Vinny, imagine the Latin interpretation of this…)

  6. Wow, Allen is a lucky, lucky man.

    Woman like that don’t come around very often!!

  7. i can only imagine anca. glad you like.

  8. I wrote my comment when I was tired and I think it reads wrong.
    I meant Allan was a lucky boy to have such a talented art director for a girlfriend.
    And he was lucky that she thought so much of him to put in so much effort into a Valentine’s present.
    And he was lucky to be working for Vinny, who learned from the same people as me, so he’ll be getting what’s in the blog daily, first hand.
    I didn’t just mean he was lucky to have the book.

  9. True, but he is lucky to have the book. I’ve been selective, not downloading the ones I disagree with – OK there was just that one, was it 47 or 53? Dave, maybe it’s time to call T.S. Eliot at F&F. He is still there isn’t he?
    Looks beautiful, well done Maite.
    And Vinny, I almost made a killing with Branding Secrets From The Book of Kells, but Trinity threatened to sue.


  10. Ciaran,

    i’d be curious to know the branding secrets one might glean from the book of kells. other than rarity = $.


    thanks for the kind words. we’re lucky to have Allan. Not too many Welsh guys round these parts. he was the first “junior” whose book made me jealous. a real thinker.

  11. Vinny,

    Umberto Eco called the Book of Kells “the product of a cold-blooded hallucination.”
    See the similarity with a successful brand?


  12. Lemuel J. de Jesus Varona

    Maite is half Puertorrican half Catalan. And Allan you are a very very lucky man. Good Maite /

  13. Lemuel, Maite,

    Sincerest apologies for getting your ethnic background wrong. i know what that’s like, having been mistaken for Scottish, English etc over the years myself.

    Plus, mixtures are always more interesting. I’m 100% Celt. Boring!

  14. Vinny.
    About ethnic mixtures.
    My kids were asking me about theirs, so I said, “Well, you had two English great grandparents, one Irish, and one Welsh.”
    My daughter said, “Ooh, I’ve got some Irish in me, how exotic.”
    This made me laugh because she’s half Chinese: her mum’s from Singapore.

  15. Dave, you’ve just reminded me of the nice episode when I found out that the grandfather I never met was 100% Jewish. I also said something like “Oh my god, I’m 25% Jewish! How cool is that?” And my mother said: “Oh well, anywhere you’d go in this world, saying that you’ve got Jewish ancestors is going to have an insignificant impact as compared with saying that you’re a Transylvanian.” I was even more amazed later, when I found out she was right, thanks to the idiot association with the vampires – I’d kill Stoker with my own hands, too bad he can’t die twice. See, Vinny, your Irish man made me soooo exotic :). But most people think I’m Hungarian anyway – well, except the Aussies, who think I’m their child (for Christ’s sake, there’s no “Aussieness” in me! At all: http://tinyurl.com/d9c9q7 )

  16. Dave, that’s hilarious. I guess it comes down to cultural perspective. My eldest daughter too thinks Ireland is magically interesting. she’s clearly not spent enough time there!

    apologies for Bram Stoker. he really over-positioned transylvania in the vampire department didn’t he. a fascination that i’ve never really understood. Anne Rice…Twilight etc. and you’re right, being 25% jewish does make you more exotic. my partner is 25% cherokee. i may have to get a blood transfusion to stir up some intereest in me.

  17. To be honest, I find any foreign culture very exotic – it’s 100% different from mine anyway.

  18. Elizabeth Stevenson

    I am Allan’s mum and although not very computer literate have been reading all the comments made and I agree he is very lucky to be with Maite and what a thoughtful present from her to Allan – she is a lovely girl and I am very proud of them both and wish them both every success in their careers.

  19. Welcome Elizabeth. You have a very talented son. And Maite puts us all to shame with her thoughtful gift.

    hopefully we can all do an Escape Pod trip to Wales at some point and have a pint.

  20. I am Allan’s mum’s partner. And she is quite right. She is NOT computer literate and I was quite surprised to see her comments here. How did she do it? Elizabeth is also accurate in respect of her comments about Maite. She is a lovely girl. Allan himself is honest, genuine and very thoughtful. He also displays great passion in this, his chosen vocation. What a team they are.

  21. Well, this is turning into quite the family reunion. thanks john. We know a good thing when we see it here at The Escape Pod. We’re lucky to have crossed paths with Allan.

  22. State of the art ! Maite’s proud mom. Allan, Maite is very lucky too.

  23. the reunion is complete margie.

  24. My treasured possession is a Manchester United scarf knitted by my girlfriend!

  25. Thats one for the lucky charms ;-)

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