Where is Google headed?

Google just released a new browser. Chrome, it’s called. We’re sure it is an improvement on all previous browsers. That’s kind of what Google does: make things noticeably better than they were before. Chrome attained one per cent of the browser market the first day it was introduced.

And the Android phone, also from Google, is coming. The iPhone will finally have some competition. Trust me on this one.

It’s almost like they have an unassailable competitive edge now. or edges. Their success in search alone is almost monopolistic. So they have the confidence to seemingly take on everyone and everything. and attempt the impossible. and succeed.

Cuil’s feeble challenge search engine seems completely quixotic now, doesn’t it. It was the Sinclair C5* of its day by comparison. Not cool.

*The Sinclair C5 (pictured above) was an electric, um, vehicle. It was the brainchild of Sir Clive Sinclair, an early PC innovator. Its debut in the mid-80s in the UK was much-anticipated and was the subject of lots of hoopla and media scrutiny. Then people finally saw the Sinclair C5. And they just laughed. And laughed. And then laughed some more.

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