Daily Archives: November 30, 2010

I got nominated for best digital thingy of the decade by the One Club

How ironic.

That moi, Mr. TV who could barely start up my computer, came up with this idea.

Our campaign was ludicrously popular and arguably (and i did argue this) we didn’t need to create anymore ads. The end was nigh and consumers were creating our ads for us.

So if we did do something I felt strongly it should be a comment on the campaign.

And in a nod to the insane virality of the idea I thought creating a website that taught people how to say Wassup! in 36 different languages, and advertising that website on TV, was just stupid enough to work.

I was right.

Traffic to Budweiser.com went through the roof. People were spending an insane amount of time on the site too. Downloading their favorite greetings. It breathed new life into the campaign.

You’ll notice that I’m listed only as WRITER in the credits on the One Club site. Which is a bit funny considering i never even met any of the other people credited for helping me have my idea. You know the expression about success having many fathers and failure being an orphan? I have found that to be very true. But so long as my name was on this (and i made sure of that) i didn’t really care.

And this was an awful lot of fun to shoot. I remember there was an actors’ strike going on at the time and i had to personally track down the Scottish guy with red hair. Found him in a bar in Santa Monica. He was a construction worker.

We won Best of Show at the One Show Interactive Awards with this idea.

Good times!