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Social Media. Is it bullshit?

B.J. Mendelson has written a provocative new book on this subject. It’s titled, rather succinctly, Social Media is Bullshit. So we can fairly guess which side of the argument he falls on.

I have to say I am firmly in his camp. And have been for years. Despite the fact that we at The Escape Pod have had some jolly good times via social media.

Oh yes. Fun was had.

What a lot of marketing and ad folk (including myself at one point) fail to realize is that the Internet changed everything and the Internet changed nothing.

People are still people. You still have to pick up your dog’s poo, and you better make damn sure the basement sump pump is in good working order.

And as the Internet shifted and morphed and shrank over the years there emerged a cottage industry that fed off the marketing community’s insecurities and uncertainty that were created by all this change.

Lack of experience created ignorance. And that ignorance created a vacuum that was rarely filled by those most qualified to speak on the subject. Oh no, it was filled by new media “experts” who had opened FB accounts months before you did.

But back to the book. You can download the first chapter here.

I’m leaning towards buying it myself. If only to leave it on the agency reception coffee table.
And prove how we hated social media before you hated social media.