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Social Media is energy

Just found this over at Ben Kay’s awesome blog. He saw it on this lovely blog. The wonderfully named Hirsutegentleman.com

It’s a video of Gary Vaynerchuk, the wine guy who used social media to turn his family’s wine business in New Jersey into a juggernaut and himself into a star. I’d heard of Gary and seen his book CRUSH IT! at the airport bookstores.

As i suspected, Gary Vee is quite the dynamo. To say he is energetic is like saying Steve Jobs has the occasional good idea. The video is two years old now. But it’s well worth watching. Gary is right on all counts. Especially the bit about us only getting one life.

A year or so ago I was on a panel of ad and tech types talking about social media. Someone in the audience asked me what social media was. After a millisecond of thought i blurted out “social media is energy”. And I liked the sound of that answer. As did everyone there. Because that’s what it is. Individuals putting one foot in front of the other on a daily basis. Every tweet is a thought. And a thought is little bit of mental energy. Every blog post makes you a better blogger. and a better writer. Every link is a friendly gesture. It all adds up over the long run.

I have frequently observed that the most successful people are quite often the most energetic too. They live their lives with a sense of urgency and purpose. They know what they want. And they want it NOW.

My first job in advertising was writing for one of the legends of the biz. And he had a frightening amount of energy and focus. I remember my first encounter with him was this. I knocked on his office door and meekly said “Can I ask you a question?”. He spun around in his chair and shouted “You already have! Now get out of my office”. So I left his office. Lesson learned!

Another ad legend Bill Bernbach observed that while the right doesn’t always displace the wrong, the energetic will always displace the passive. I have personally found this to be true many times. I like to think of myself as being passionate about what i do. To the unpassionate this can be interpreted as simply having too much energy and basically being annoyingly shrill and single-minded. To challenge me you have to have at least as much passion/energy. Which can be hard if you’re not as passionate as me. That doesn’t make me right, it just makes it more difficult to challenge my opinion. Because I tend to go all in as they say in poker. Forcing myself to have an attitude about things stirs me up. It forces me to think hard about what I’m doing.

Gary Vaynerchuk clearly goes all in all the time.