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We just got this for our conference room



Fresh from the framing store, it’s one of just 85 signed Hugh McLeod prints from the first in a series of limited edition prints he’s doing. This was always my favorite cartoon of his. I used to have a b/w printout of it on my office wall. It pretty much sums up how I feel generally. And I love the wildly optimistic yet utterly truthful tone. The text reads: THE MARKET FOR SOMETHING TO BELIEVE IN IS INFINITE.

Hugh McLeod is a force of nature. I first came across his website back in 2000 and have read his blog for years now and have gotten to know him fairly well. He has a book coming out this year. And I predict it will be a smash hit. You will buy a copy at the airport one day. I promise you that. Hugh has single-handedly created a culture around his art and his ideas. And it’s about to pay off.

And apparently Hugh is available for interesting poster-making opportunities I found out recently. Contact him if you have an idea you’d like to see brought to life in his truly inimitable style.