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Latest Escape Pod production

it’s an online (and cinema) film promoting PROJECT POTENTIAL, a charitable endeavour by client LUNCHABLES that is giving away 50 field trips to schools in need of a little help. It’s a great idea to do that. And this film was shot to build awareness about the program.

We wanted to capture the feeling of awe and wonder younger children can have. So we convinced a group of 5th graders that they were actually meeting real alien beings from another planet at a space museum in Downey, California. And we allowed them to ask the aliens questions. high-jinks ensued.

It was directed with great joie de vivre by SMUGGLER’s Jon Watts and edited by Matt Walsh with great esprit de corps at WHITEHOUSE. Sound design by Grant Martin at STATIC.

Sincere thanks to all concerned. Doing this was a lot of fun. good times!