Mobile advertising = annoying people on their phone

Common sense tells us that annoying people with advertising on their phones is a bad idea.

Your mobile phone is a treasured private space.

Remember how despised telemarketers were and are?

They were despised because they were violating personal time and space.

They were uninvited. They were unwanted. They just didn’t belong.

Spam phone calls were the tool of bottom feeders and shady types.

Some tactics are just abhorrent and counter-productive.

Just because you can do something doesn’t mean you should.

Marketers would be well advised to remember this.

UPDATE: tangentially related topic. Big data. The latest tiresome topic of the bullshit/marketing axis of tedium. The legendary John Hegarty weighs in. Great read. Read it here.

Once again, just because you can do something, doesn’t mean you should.

2 responses to “Mobile advertising = annoying people on their phone

  1. Unless it’s something useful, that you can sign up/ask for. Like geo-tagged mobile alerts – so, when you walk into say, a Target, it triggers a text message that lets you know which of your favorite items are on sale. I love those things (although I admit I’m likely in the minority).

    • yes Jaime, IF i sign up for something then fine. blast away. but if i haven’t it’s an invasion and intrusion. we all love airline apps and texts that tell us the status of our flights. but there are precious few of those.

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