Rhythm and Hues’ blues

Much has been made of the bankruptcy of Hollywood VFX house Rhythm and Hues. They just won the Oscar for best VFX for their work on Ang Lee’s LIFE OF PI.

It’s a somewhat familiar story.

Something that starts out as very high tech (and expensive) slowly becomes a readily available commodity done much cheaper elsewhere.

It happened to the typesetting industry. It happened to photo-retouching. And now it’s hit the VFX industry.

And it’s happening to the digital advertising industry though nobody wants to admit it.

I worked with Rhythm and Hues on a super bowl commercial years ago. They were great.

They made a lab retriever talk to camera like an old pro.

They will be missed.

4 responses to “Rhythm and Hues’ blues

  1. Excellent spot, Vinny. I hadn’t seen that one. Great concept.

  2. rob, glad you liked it. it was fun to shoot. i always wanted to do a Bud spot where we sold the beer itself hard.

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