In honor of The Oscars, a little bit of Oscar history

Back in the early ’00s they didn’t allow beer advertising on The Oscars. They were afraid it might lower the tone of the broadcast.

And let’s face it they were right. Flaming horse farts might be distracting.

But then they decided to lift the beer ad ban. And client Budweiser was determined to have the first beer ad in the broadcast. The Oscars had become the Super Bowl for chicks, as the more uncouth put it. So being in it was a short cut to cultural relevance.

Anyway, I shot a bunch of things that were tangential to and vestigial of our Wassup! campaign with an eye to being the first beer spot in the Oscar-cast.

We created this one, that never aired, explicitly for the Oscars. It was a sendup of Hollywood power structures and superficiality. The toothy blonde producer looking guy actually was a Hollywood producer. He produced The Player and played himself as a producer in the The Player. He was a friend of the director.

You can watch it here. Sorry about the quality.

But this was what they put into the show. A bit to my surprise, really.

But before the ad could air in the Oscars, it had to be approved an Academy committee that included the legendary Gregory Peck. I remember being a bit surprised by all the vetting procedures. It was just a beer ad!

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the VERY FIRST beer commercial to ever air in The Oscars…

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