All hail Martin Weigel

Everybody in advertising and marketing needs to study this slide show prepared by this Wieden and Kennedy Amsterdam deep thinker (a deep thinker in advertising. I know!).

To me it serves a wake up call to marketers and ad agencies.

To get real. And to live in the real world. The world where sane people think and worry about themselves and the people and things they love. Probably not your brand in other words.

To stop with the social media bullshit and jargon and talk normal like.

And to attack problems on their own terms. You want me to give a sh**t about your brand? Then make me. Do something that makes me give a s**t about your brand. It really is that simple.

You can and should watch the slideshow here.

7 responses to “All hail Martin Weigel

  1. V: Couldn’t agree more. Weigel is a gem and his blog is always worth reading.

  2. Amen.

  3. Advertising…it’s all about the process.
    But, you have to start with something that’s real.

    Once again, Cracked nails it.

    Off topic- would you add a contact button to your blog?

  4. Alan, advertising is very quick to lose its mooring to reality. and it’s goodnight vienna after that, let’s face it.

    a contact button? you mean like an email thing?

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