My favorite ad of super bowl XXMXXCCLVIII

I thought this was a brave change of tone (ie, not comedy) that made sense for the brand, the viewing environment, and let’s face it, the semi-drunk audience.

Apparently the VO was done years ago by ABC radio broadcaster Paul Harvey. Nice adaptation by Texas agency The Richards Group.

6 responses to “My favorite ad of super bowl XXMXXCCLVIII

  1. I agree Vinny. Bold. Stood out from all the other crap. I did like the Budweiser “Foal” spot as well. Wouldn’t be the Superbowl without the Clydesdales. But WTF was up with the half-time show? Was that supposed to be music or singing? I don’t think it was either. It was like a strip show with clothes on. They should have just put up some brass poles. Why don’t we throw all the pretense out the window and just let Victoria’s Secret do a lingerie fashion show next year. With fireworks.

  2. The bloody Clydesdales. For years I tried to sell a Clydesdale spot but it eluded me. America loves the Clydesdales. God bless em.

    The whole thing is over the top in a uniquely American way. What would be better than two Beyonces? SEVEN Beyonces! In lingerie! And the lingerie is made of fireworks!!

  3. Rob – Because the Super Bowl will be in New Jersey next year. There will not be a halftime show, most likely. If there were, it would be stolen and stripped for parts before the first quarter ended.

    Vinny – What say you on the fact that the Ram spot was essentially a retread of a Farm Board spot from two years ago? I don’t particularly care, because it’s likely only twenty people in the world remember it from then, but curious on your take.

    • Chris,

      I love it when ad folks act like “originality” is our biggest problem. It’s not. Advertising’s biggest problem is that it most of it doesn’t even make sense, much less have any intrinsic value.

      That spot arguably made the biggest impact of any ad in the game. And part of the reason for that is that it had a different energy. Everything else was conceived in the artificial corporate environment and felt like it was.

      Paul Harvey delivered that speech in 1978 and it clearly has done the rounds in the farming culture for obvious reasons. it’s just a great speech. it had twice been “stolen” before. Ram just presented it to a mega audience.

      And so long as the estate of Paul Harvey got paid, and i’m sure they did, i struggle to get upset about allegations of theft and “rip off”.

  4. I’m such a cultural ignoramus I saw the RAM spot and thought: “Who the hell is that copywriter, that’s the best piece of writing in years. And what a brilliantly idiosyncratic choice for voice over.” As you say Vinny, it’s the end game that matters and in this case it resulted in an extraordinarily captivating spot. As for the Clydesdales, to me it feels like sophomoric schmalz, but it works and people love it. What do I know about Americans? I’m for repealing the 2nd Amendment and we all know where that would lead.

    • ha! simon, we can’t repeal the second amendment because freedom.

      as long as I worked on Budweiser I struggled to see the connection between big dumb animals and light lager. but I was in the minority.

      The Ram spot just works. I too would have “stolen” that track in a heartbeat.

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