Super Bowl MXXXXVICCCCXI is almost here

The biggest advertising event of the year is upon us.

The super bowl is unique for a couple of reasons.

One, the sheer size of the audience. 120 million people at once. That just doesn’t happen very often.

And two, the fact that viewers actually look forward to seeing the TV ads.

It’s kind of the ultimate seeding program in a way.

With the advent of social media, advertisers are trying to milk their four million dollars for all it’s worth, with varying degrees of success.

At the end of the day, it’s still just a :30 spot and if you blow the surprise early that doesn’t leave much to look forward to.

Though I strongly suspect that actual real people couldn’t care THAT much about the ads and so it doesn’t really matter.

I worked on the super bowl for Budweiser and Bud Light for years. Each year they bought five minutes in the game and it got the point that all their advertising was shot at once so they had the best possible show for big game. Which made complete sense.

At one point i think we “won” the game (ie had the number one rated spot) eleven times in a row or something silly like that.

It was crazy. I remember once having a spot finish 7th overall in the game and being a bit embarrassed that it didn’t finish in the top five. because we also had three spots in the top five.

A few years back Adweek magazine asked me to write a piece based on my super bowl adventures.

I think most of it still applies. Most super bowl failures are still caused by failure of nerves.

Man up people! it’s only an ad.

You can read the Adweek piece here.

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