Agencywank? Moi? Surely not.

There’s a funny idea doing the rounds called agencywank.

Basically what they do is expose the bullshit ad agencies put on their own websites.

You know, where they all claim to have some proprietary process or “tool” that somehow differentiates them from their competition.

When we all know that the only thing that really matters is the creative output of the agency: the bit that the public sees.

So we were a bit taken aback to see The Escape Pod’s self-description included in the pantheon of bullshit.

Surely ADVERTISING AGENCY OF THE PRESENT, our positioning, is beyond reproach.

We indisputably are an ADVERTISING AGENCY. And it is undeniably THE PRESENT.

Surely there are richer targets for satire, was our thinking.

What we mean by ADVERTISING AGENCY OF THE PRESENT is that we react in an appropriate manner to whatever media landscape we currently find ourselves.

In 2007 this meant doing branded content TV shows. How many TV shows have you done?

In 2008 this meant using YouTube in an innvotive manner to precisely judge the timing of a retail back to school campaign.

And in 2010 it meant fusing the still-nascent Twitter with the old medium of TV to create something special.

Three rather dramatic examples of how we have been true to our mission statement of being the advertising agency that lives in the present.

But we understand that the person who created this tumblr might be a bit junior. And might not have the best judgement.

So we’d like to invite the creators of this bloggity tumblr thing to come to The Escape Pod for a drink and a laugh.

Afterwards, I personally will kick the living s**t out of you. It’ll be a hoot!

UPDATE: Owing to a sudden flurry of extremely tiresome and dull comments, I am shutting down posting comments on this post. You can only blame yourselves. you know who you are! We both know who you are. Tsk, tsk.

18 responses to “Agencywank? Moi? Surely not.

  1. Ha ha ha – nice one Vinny.

  2. Please upload the video of the beating to youtube.

  3. Don’t get bent out of shape. Pretty much everything any ad agency says about itself is drivel in the grand scheme of things. Like you said – it isn’t what you say about yourself, it’s what you produce that counts. I wage a never-ending war against said drivel here. It doesn’t work, of course. They still use it. Hell, they use MORE of it.

    Fortunately, what we create overcomes the BS.

    • Chris, I learned long ago that nobody really cares. But I also have a vindictive streak. I am Irish after all ;-)

      Like I said, it’s a funny idea. Shooting fish in a barrel really. But I also know there are far richer and more deserving targets than The Escape Pod out there. Haven’t these guys heard of Kevin Roberts?

      Oh, and guess what, we were right about to change our website anyway!

      • I think Kev gets his just desserts at George’s blog. Between he and Sorrel, George never wants for material. When you’re talking about lunacy, the industry is a target-rich environment.

        Don’t take it personally. Or, for the Irishman, don’t get mad – get even.

  4. Oh I will take it personally Chris! That’s what i do. It’s all fuel for the fire. Getting even is the best revenge.

  5. Actually, it seems the best revenge is being called out on a claim, and forcefully shoving down their throats. The most powerful part of the post? The work you did back in 2008, that you imply isn’t really cutting edge or “of the present” any more, at least by your standards? It’s still way more edgy, innovative, and current than anything I’ve seen so-called “Digital Media Agencies” create in the last 4-5 years. And you’ve already moved on from there! Consider your tagline substantiated, Sir.

  6. Lighten up. It’s a blog that pokes fun of things, which is probably started by somebody who didn’t get hired at one of the targeted agencies… But either way, you should be a little more secure. Sounds like you take yourself a bit too seriously. If you can’t take the joke, then don’t read it.

    • Whoa, Jacob, dude, do you normally come over to people’s homes and take a crap in the middle of the kitchen floor?

      Let’s start with the obvious: TheEscapePod posted this on his own blog and called attention to it, so obviously he’s secure enough in his own abilities; if he wasn’t he wouldn’t have dared to touch the tumbler send-up or to shine any more light on it than it was already getting.

      Second, although I understand that there’s no punctuation marks for a sarcastic, ironic, or facetious tone of voice, it’s pretty clear that the last 2-3 paragraphs of this post were in gest and made tongue-in-cheek. How is that not having a sense of humor?

      Here’s the thing: theescapepod was called out on what seemed to be a rather grandiose claim, and he felt that, for his own readers, he’d go ahead and substantiate that claim, which he did, brilliantly, and then — just for fun — go on to rib the author back in turn. Again, how is that not having a sense of humor?

      So for someone advocating a “lighten up” approach, just how light and in-good-humor does your own comment come off? Not very.

  7. Jacob, most people who know me would probably tell you I have a good sense of humor and am quite secure about my abilities. But I take my family and my work very, very, seriously. And if people have a problem with that then it’s entirely their problem, because I really and sincerely don’t care.

  8. The lady doth protest too much, methinks

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