Hats off to the Church of Latter Day Saints

I never thought I’d say this but you have admire the Mormon Church for having the perspective and guts to take out three full page ads in the program for the musical THE BOOK OF MORMON.

I saw the play last night. It was very funny and, coming from the creators of South Park, a bit rude. And more a satire of religion in general.

But what surprised me most was the LDS going all in and playing a joke on the jokers, basically.

Wouldn’t you love to have been in the meetings in Salt Lake City when this idea was sold. I would.





3 responses to “Hats off to the Church of Latter Day Saints

  1. THEY HAVE always had great advertising.
    Harold Bloom–who knows everything–says the founders of the Mormon Church were the most imaginative of all the church founders in history.

  2. funny you should mention Harold Bloom. I was just listening to a podcast starring him. think it was on Irish radio. I’m with Harold on this one. the Mormons were kind of essence d’Amerique.

  3. and that was harold bloom’s point…or one of them anyway
    the book is America’s Religion or the Religion of America………or something close…..

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