Stanley Kubrick filmed the faked moon landing!

Of course he did. It was staring us all in the face.

All you have to do is watch THE SHINING for the clues.

It’s all there!

So says this guy on youtube who has put together a painstaking analysis to prove his case.

This video took ages to do on his computer.

And there’s something oddly compelling about it.

It’s got more than a million views. So it has to have something.

Oh, and it’s 120 minutes long.

Yeah, it’s 120 minutes long. Did i mention that bit? No?

This is a great example of the democratization of media but more importantly it’s a lesson in perseverance and the truth that an energetic nutcase will get more attention than an a lethargic one.


5 responses to “Stanley Kubrick filmed the faked moon landing!

  1. Hi,
    That’s quite a bit of time….
    So, try this…an interesting read on the same subject.

    And for your Year End Advertising needs…

    Happy New Year,

    • thank you Alan. i can’t imagine anyone faking the moon landings. it’s always fascinating how these ideas get currency online. but then i think “what if they’re right?”. which i guess is how it works.
      happy new year to you too.

  2. In fact there are so many theories about the hidden meaning of The Shining that somebody’s made a documentary about it:

    • that looks like great viewing dan. have you ever seen “Stanley Kubrick’s Boxes”? an actual doc about Stan’s work methods. and his boxes, of course.

      • Yes! Taking hundreds of pictures of the junk on people’s bedsides tables just so he could get the props right.

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