It’s an undeniable truth that starting out “being creative” is tough.

And the reason it’s tough is your creative muscle isn’t developed.

Because being creative is exactly like building muscle. A creative muscle.

Everyone potentially is creative in the same way that everyone is, potentially, a rippling Adonis.

But only when you commit to being creative is when you realize how underdeveloped your creative muscle is. And you have to huff and puff just to have an idea.

“Having ideas is hard!” is the call of the beginner.

Oh no, it’s not hard.

Having ideas is easy.

It’s very simple. You simply bang your ahead against the wall until something falls out.

It takes a an inordinate amount of energy and focus, but that’s really all there is to it.

The good news is the wall you bang your head against gets thinner over time.

And pretty soon you’re down to just headbutting drywall with really well developed neck muscles and a forehead of steel.

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