I have never played golf.

I grew up on the west coast of Ireland and there were tons of great links courses within easy reach.

But I never fancied the idea of golfing in the driving Atlantic rain. Call me crazy!

My only interaction with my local golf course amounted to standing around nervously on golf greens as my pals picked psychedelic mushrooms.

September/October was magic mushroom season and they grew like crazy on the sandy soil. Overnight like.

But I recently found myself engrossed in a golf game on ESPN. And it was amazing viewing.

It looked great on my HD widescreen TV. Amazingly good! And the drama was great too.

Golf is great TV viewing because it can be controlled from a production POV. Like NASCAR. You can put cameras anywhere, so the viewer really feels involved in the action.

These sports understand that TV is king.

And then, being a complete ad whore, I started thinking about exclusive audience that was watching this.

The kind of guys you can’t reach online because they’re too busy earning the money to finance a lifestyle that includes golf.

The BMW audience. The Rolex audience. The single malt scotch audience.

And as long as guys with money want to watch Rory McIIroy do on the golf course what they conspicuously fail to do on the golf course, there will live golf broadcast on your awesome TV. And there will be advertising associated with it.

This much is assured.


  1. Ah, the exclusive audience that does things in the real world – I don’t really think it’s all that exclusive.

    For all the talk about how much more time everyone is spending on social media and mobile, there’s a tendency to forget we spend 100% of our time in the real world, the physical world that surrounds us. I for one would probably spend less time on social media if it weren’t for my job. And I’ve noticed that out of all of my connections on Facebook and Twitter, maybe only 20% update regularly if at all. And out of those…most work in media somehow. The rest of the world doesn’t use the web the way we do. But we’ve fed ourselves so much BS for so long we’ve convinced ourselves that they do.

    Of course that was a long-winded way of saying I agree with you. And I wish I knew how to golf.

  2. yes dan. it’s very easy to imagine that ad folks think that foursquare is all the rage in Odessa TX as is was in NYC. And for most Americans TV is still the big release valve. And for a very obvious reason: it’s passive entertainment. And the internet is active entertainment. and doing shit like writing comments to you takes energy. we all need to turn off our minds and TV does that better than anything.

  3. I think you can reach this upper crust audience online by way of email and youtube. Granted it’s not a tune-in-every-Sunday-afternoon kind of commitment, but you can still get their attention and hold it.

    I’m not a golf fan either, but this caught my attention back in 2010 and has since kept me coming back for more.

    A great tagline/positioning/campaign idea, I think.

    Happy holidays,

    long time lurker. first time poster.

  4. what’s up drock? thanks for stopping by. and i have seen that golf gong lake thing. love it. It looks just like Donegal in Ireland. which proves how much donegal looks just like Scottish highlands. it’s the same mountain range you know!

    my point was really that because golf looks so delicious in hi def and its’ so well produced that maybe it alone could be the reason that TV (and TV advertising) will live forever. it’s like sports porn.

  5. REALLY DISAGREE. The only sports perfect for TV are boxing, tennis, roller derby, ping pong, and the WWE. The action is contained on the screen; it is all there.
    RADIO IS THE PROBLEM. i listened to fights on the radio (Clay-Liston and Patterson-Johnannson), hockey (the Rangers with the great Jim Gordon doing play by play, tennis (in the UK of Wimbledon in a Taxi), and basketball and baseball. Baseball works best, I guess, cause it’s slow and seems to benefit on radio with the periods of no action so the announcers can palaver about the old days or stats or these days product placement announcements.
    Perhaps only the NFL was made by TV. And in the early days they blocked out local games for fear no one would show up.

    • Yes Tom, boxing and tennis are ideal TV sports but i’m not sure they benefit as much from modern TV tech as golf does. Boxing coverage today looks pretty much like it did 20 years ago. Ditto tennis.

      The beauty of golf courses coupled with the hangover-friendly low levels of viewer concentration give golf the edge in my opinion. the barriers to viewing are so low.

      but you know what the ultimate TV sport is? Snooker.

      behold this utterly hypnotic gem.

  6. YOU CONVINCED ME. Boxing improved by replays; tennis by showing how awful linesman are. In the 50s in NY, boxing was on three nights a week. Probably killed the sport.
    Thanks for the snooker video. Truly unbelievable. Genius.

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