Always different, always the same.

One of the more enjoyable aspects of creating things for a living is that no two experiences are ever the same.

But they all share a lot of characteristic stages.

There is the exciting “what the hell are we going to do?” stage. My personal favorite btw. This is the bit where you zoom back out to infinity and think about all the factors at play and imagine what success looks like.

Then there is the coming up with ideas stage. The most energized stage. It’s a lot of fun too but not as fun as the previous stage IMO.

And then there is the execution stage. This is the most glamourous part. You very probably travel somewhere cool to make it all happen and meet cool new folks who help you get it done. And stay in nice hotels.

The thing about ideas and executing ideas is that experience will only get you so far. It helps to know what’s important, that’s for sure. But a truly exciting idea and execution always blows everything else away.

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