Digital advertising. Where is it?

I realize there is a sizable digital advertising creation industry.

I get that part.

My question is: how do i ever encounter any of it?

Here is how i spend my time online.

1. Facebook. I leave it on like a 40 watt bulb . I have a lot of cousins. I’m Irish.
2. Twitter. I am addicted to Twitter. Longtime addict here.
3. Reddit. Of course.
4. Ad websites.
5. Irish websites.

What all these sites have in common is that there is precious little opportunity for any brand to distract me.

I read about how brands are shifting their digital and social media accounts in the trade magazines.

And I’m reminded about the tree that falls in the forest that nobody heard.

Maybe because it didn’t matter at all in real life.

6 responses to “Digital advertising. Where is it?

  1. Don’t forget Adblock (if you’re using google chrome). Never seen an ad online since…like…forever.

  2. Well, I’ve started to notice that Facebook is using my friends to spam me. Your friend ‘likes this’ or your friend commented on that. Pretty sure if these friends knew they were marketing to me they wouldn’t be very happy.

    • yes dan. one thing an awful lot of tech people don’t understand is that eyeballs alone do not constitute an audience. isn’t the the root of the word “audience” from the Latin verb Audio-audire? To hear or listen to.

      (yes it is. i studied Latin in school for years :-)

  3. Just for you Vinny:

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