New work for client TOYS R US. 2012 Christmas campaign.

The Escape Pod couldn’t be happier to announce the launch of the new 2012 Toys R Us holiday campaign.

This was a lot of fun to do. If you can’t have fun with toys, something is wrong with you.

It’s like being appointed Santa’s agent.

It’s a big responsibility.

Our thinking was this: to a kid (and to a lesser extent parents) the new toys are the biggest news of the year.

So let’s treat it like that. And let’s not expend an ounce of energy reminding people that it’s Christmas, or explaining what Toys R Us does. Everybody already knows all this. And the one thing we can be sure of is the airwaves will be filled with Santas and Reindeer selling everything from cars to soft drinks.

Also, the demand for what we’re selling is pent up. We just need channel it our way.

So let’s get on with the show, was our thinking.

The amazing director Jon Watts once again decided to spend time with us on this one.

This was the third time we have worked with Jon. He is a great problem spotter and a great problem solver. That’s very rare. I strongly suspect that his film career will shortly put him beyond our reach. Use him while you still can!

And a shout out to our compadres at ZOIC studio for helping us mold what was a very intricate mix of animation and performance and graphics and music.

We shot more than 70 spots in English and in Spanish over 5 shoot days.

We got really lucky with the casting, as you have to. And we did.

American readers over the age of 30 will be ultra-familiar with the famous Toys R Us jingle from the 80s. it was a real earworm, insanely hooky and memorable.

Well guess who has never heard of this jingle? This generation’s 10-12 year old kids.

None of the hundreds of kids we auditioned for these spots had heard of it. But all their parents know it by heart.

So we shot this video to rectify this abomination and bring the generations closer together. United by the Toys R Us jingle.

A :60 version of this will run later on TV.

(the suggestion to ask the kids to sing the jingle in casting came from our client btw)

8 responses to “New work for client TOYS R US. 2012 Christmas campaign.

  1. As I sit at home sick and watching TV today as I might have in the mid 80’s, this made my day.

  2. Like these. Especially the VO from Bud Light.

  3. The spots are O.K., but IMHO you missed an opportunity to do something really magical. Isn’t this season commercialized enough without turning children into corporate shills? Seems to just add to the clutter & noise without breaking through. And I’ve seen many of them at home while watching TV. I hope they are successful for you, but I can’t tell if they are targeted to kids or the parents who will buy the toys. Anyway, I know I would have approached it much differently, but then, I’m a sucker for nostalgia and the warm & fuzzy, like the spots the Brits make. I must admit tho, that in the context of what you’ve done, I agree with S&c above. Love the tagline.

  4. Rob,

    I know what you mean but as I’m sure you’ve noticed, it’s World War One out there in holiday retail in the USA. True dog eat dog stuff. And it does come down to crass things like offers and discounts. We are all talking to the person who is going shopping tomorrow.

    and I know what you mean about the UK style heartwarming Xmas ads. And believe me we considered that approach. But we reasoned that because TRU is essentially Santa’s distributor we don’t need to expend valuable resources in the aforementioned retail war doing what happens organically: invoking the season. Brands that AREN’T at the core of season do that. I’ve done it for plenty of brands that really had no business associating themselves with Xmas.

    Not that we couldn’t out-schmaltz the Brits btw. I could have you weeping believe me!

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