I couldn’t agree more

Just read this amazing post over at the always excellent canalsideview blog of WK Amsterdam planner Martin Weigel. This guy is ALWAYS on the money. WK are lucky to have him. He’s a real thinker.

You can read his post here.

He basically makes the case that because nobody gives a shit about advertising overcoming this indifference is the key to great work. And he’s right. And that assuming an audience is a big mistake. The Superbowl is the conspicuous exception to this rule.

That nobody gives a shit is an excellent starting point for all creative advertising work. Because you can bet that it’s true. It certainly has guided my work.

But so many advertisers act like because their message is in the paid media, they are home free.

Quite the opposite. That’s just round one.

You have paid to play the game, so play the game. Max out the media opportunity you have been given in every way. Mess with people’s heads. Be the most interesting thing they have seen that day.

It’s not as hard as you might think.

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