Dear The One Club, why I’m “ungoing” to your “unconference”.

I simply could not believe this.

The One Club, based out of NYC, is coming to Chicago.

And what do they propose?

A conference perhaps?

You know, something that we could all attend and learn have fun with. Celeb speakers and whatnot. A Gladwell or a Godin. Maybe a drinks thing afterwards.

Something that might provide inspiration to the Greenland-like creative advertising community in that place that nobody from New York ever goes: Chicago.


A conference would be too obvious in 2012. Get with it man!

How bout an “unconference”?

What’s a conference? Structure and organization and logistical effort on behalf of an audience that you’re trying to impress enough so that they feel compelled to cough up say, $150, to attend your show.

Something like that, right?

And what’s an UNCONFERENCE?

Apparently it’s NONE of that effort or structure or organization. “F**k that shit! That’s old man!”

No. UNCONFERENCE is the new thing.

So presumably, there’s no stupid,lame traditional $150 admittance fee to this UNCONFERENCE either.



There is a $150 admittance fee to this nothing event.

It’s crowdsourced you see. And you’re it! You’re the crowd.

How dare The One Club insult our intelligence with this bullshit?

Mary Warlick, or whoever is in charge of the One Club these days, please get a grip. For the love of God. Stop embarrassing yourselves with this shoddiness.

I’d cancel my membership to this once cool and venerable club if i had one. I don’t. And i probably never will.

This is just disgracefully shabby and inexcusable and money-grubbing.

Money for nothing. Literally.

6 responses to “Dear The One Club, why I’m “ungoing” to your “unconference”.

  1. I take it none of your work is on the shortlist then?

    • very funny George. hey i got my pencils of all shades. I’m good.

      isn’t this just the dumbest idea ever though? did you read the blather on their promotional site?

      So desperately trying to be cool and TED like. But so empty and painfully useless. I get that advertising awards shows have struggled to justify their existence in the internet age. But crap like this only reinforces that they have nothing to offer but charging large fees for doing sweet f**k all.

  2. I am so tired of all this “crowdsourced” nonsense. Nothing says “We don’t want to make any kind of effort” quite like it.

    • i agree Jaime. Advertising needs to stop acting like it’s cool. It isn’t and it never was. Advertising’s biggest problem is that 99% of our output doesn’t even make sense and is usually just boring crap. I wish they’d address that much more immediate and pressing problem.

  3. I have a witty, profound and game-changing comment to make. Please send me £1000 and I will let you read it.

    • How bout you create a microsite that reveals your comment but only via paypal. I’d keep it down to ten bucks though. more realistic like

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