A star is born!

I saw a commercial for this during my weekly watching of the Canadian ghost story show on BIO channel. The only really good ghost show on TV btw.

It’s a new product called ZzzQuil. From the makers of NyQuil.

ZzzQuil explicitly does what a lot of older people buy whiskey to do: send them to sleep.

So ZzzQuil is stealing market share from whiskey.

How genius is that?

You work in the drug industry but you figure out a way to steal from Whiskey?

If I’m not mistaken that’s a perfect example of predatory thinking.

My nonexistent hat is off to you guys and gals of Zzzquil. You did it!

If you don’t get amazing bonuses and promotions tomorrow give me a call.

I’ll send someone over to break some legs.

So this is the commercial for Zzzquil i saw earlier today for the first time.

My immediate response was: this is a genius idea.

Because Zzzquil steals market share from the alcoholic drink market.

It also sounds healthier than drinking whiskey. Hey it’s from a drug company! Even though it contains 10% alcohol.

This product is going to work.

So anyway, out of sheer random interest, I did a quick search on this ad.

And I found this utterly amazing video next to it.

It’s an hilarious video (in a very slow burn way) fronted by a girl who is a real star.

I have sat through a million casting sessions. This girl is a star.

I have watched her video three times at this point.

her youtube handler is heeheehaha2k6.

If I were Zzzquil i would hire her.

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