Who is the best director of TV ads?

That’s the question the British D&AD creative group posed. And they answered that question with two words: Tony Kaye.

TK has done some amazing work. Apparently he’s a bit mad, i hear. Never worked with him.

But I did get to see him and his band perform his amazing song “TEDDY BEAR” at the Clios in Miami a few years ago.

He was being honored by the Clios and it was during his musical period. When he had a band.

The lyrics to Teddy Bear are forever etched in my mind.


It was a fun day. And i ended up drinking with his band. We talked about doing a reality show. One of those days.

Anyhoo, who do you think should get this honor?

I nominate Joe Sedelmaier. It kind of has to go to him.

He invented wacky American advertising. That never goes out of style.

He did this.

And here’s some more evidence. This guy hit like a comet.

One response to “Who is the best director of TV ads?

  1. Joe made things funny. Incredible casting and such humanity. Tom Kuntz just makes funny things. Incidentally, TK tied with the great Frank Budgen for the award.

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