New work for Babies R Us

This is currently airing on the TV.

It’s a new ad announcing Ms Heidi Klum’s partnership with Babies R Us.

Heidi (as I call her) has a new line of baby clothes and accessories available only at BRU.

We called in the excellent chaps at Stardust to help produce this. And they did a great job. Love those animations.

Heidi was great to work with too. A real pro who was great to work with.

Trust me, it can go either with celebrities. And she was one of the good ones. Heidi gets it all.

I loved hanging out with the kids on set. The little ones had no idea what was really going on. They were just having pure fun.

Little kids are the purest actors. The only problem is they can fall asleep at the most inconvenient moment. Which is funny!

2 responses to “New work for Babies R Us

  1. should have showed us some of the products…..

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