The great all-consuming middle

On average things end up in the middle.

The most successful movie is usually middle of the road in terms of its appeal.

Ditto music and art in general.

But creative people tend to live in a relatively extreme place.

We’re all excited about P T Anderson’s new movie.

Most people in America are like “Who is PT Anderson?”

And it can be dangerous to assume people are like you.

I used to think that most beer advertising was aimed at the wrong people because the creators of the ads were aiming the ads at themelves, early middle aged dudes, not dudes 25 and under.

It’s very tempting to pretend the audience is just like you. It makes your life easier and let’s face it, empathy is tough.

It’s hard to imagine things from someone else’s POV.

But for your advertising to succeed you have to do that. I always laugh when i see ads directed at entrepreneurs that were clearly created by people who have obviously never owned their own business.

Or ads aimed at kids written by people who have clearly forgotten what it’s like to be a kid.

I remember I did this ad in cahoots with a couple of Dutch guys for Volkswagen that ran in the fatherland itself: Germany.

I suddenly found myself trying to empathize like hell with the modern German. Our process was to sit in outdoor cafes in Berlin and drink beer all day.

And it totally worked!

2 responses to “The great all-consuming middle

  1. Hi,
    I have the wagon version of this car, and this is the BEST explanation of the DSG I have seen. Much better than my wordy wordings.

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