What do we want? Rebellion! When do we want it? Regularly!

It’s my natural inclination to rebel against everything.

Part of it’s being an ad creative constantly on the lookout to subvert and surprise. People seem to like that.

Part of it too is being Irish. We make great rebels. We are vindictive and prone to acts of passionate rage. Perfect!

But also it’s important because that’s where the best ideas come from: fundamental dissatisfactions.

I vividly remember having a long list of things that i wanted to see rectified in advertising.

And then getting the opportunity to gradually have those grudges settled via my work. It was enormously gratifying.

But then I ran out things that pissed me off.

And my work kind of suffered as a result.

And it took me a couple of years to accrue a new list of things that pissed me off.

I was back in action.

2 responses to “What do we want? Rebellion! When do we want it? Regularly!

  1. steakandcheese

    Would be interesting to see your old and new list. Any chance for putting them up?


    1. you never see african americans in ads for american brands despite African American culture’s disproportionate effect on the American and world cultures.
    2. you never hear Southern American (ie from “the south”) accents in commercials. half the country is from the south. this makes no sense.
    3. beer commercials that are liked by grandma’s and children alike cannot be cool to the target market. they must die!
    4 Therefore the best thing to do is produce advertising that actually alienates the people who will never ever drink your beer. f**k em, they don’t drink beer.

    it was more of an attitude about things.

    my new attitude is constantly changing slightly. and it doesn’t lend itself to a list.

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