RIP Trololol guy

Eduard Khil, the Russian baritone who shot to random and sudden internet fame when a clip of him singing on a Russian TV show from the 1970s blew up on YouTube has died.

Trololol was a great example of how the internet is a ceaselessly writhing beast that mines the past and the present for our stimulation and entertainment.

Mr. Khil was 77 at the time of his death and I’m sure it must have been gratifying, and a not a little strange, to find himself at the center of an online vortex.

We at the Escape Pod actually contacted him once.

We wanted him to come perform at our annual party.

But his son said that Eduard didn’t feel up to travelling from Russia.

And we came thisclose to selling an idea featuring him and a lady with a 15 foot python and a fire eater.

Oh well.

So we’re a little sad that Eduard has passed on.

here is ten hours worth of trololol








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