Advertising is my life. How come Facebook never called me?

The clarion call of the failed 1999 dotcommer was “Oh, we’ll make money through advertising!”

As if mere eyeballs on a web page were enough to forge a meaningful bond with people.

The whole point of advertising: to literally get people excited about your brand.

Advertising can do this!

I’ve experienced this brand excitement more than once on behalf of client brands.

And it’s the best thing ever.

Everybody loves excitement! 

But back to Facebook.

What Facebook offers me to excite my audience is basically the equivalent of a small ad like you’d find on the back of a 1960s magazine.  but without the glamour.

In short it’s  a shitty advertising format.  

It’s just dull.

And advertising done right is the excitement business.

If you can get people excited about a brand in the modern age, you’re doing pretty good.






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