Lost in the woods

We’re in lovely LA shooting a commercial and having a great time.

We had a few hours off the other day so i suggested we go for a hike in the canyons of a nearby state park.

the park has hiking trails, so it’s hard to get lost.

which is exactly what we did. get lost that is.

we took a wrong turn and before we knew it we found ourselves trekking along a stream and scaling a very steep hill.

it slowly dawned on us that we were lost and had no idea how to get back to our car.

I should add that we had an urgent drinks appointment, which only added to the drama.

So we decided to simply backtrack to where we started.

But soon we began to doubt if we were in fact going back the way we came.

At this point we began having differing points of view on the best trail to take and suddenly everything was up in the air. Nothing made sense anymore and it all became subjective.

So we sat down and thought about it and decided that our original idea was right. Even though the stream seemed unfamiliar, it was mainly because we’d seen it from the other point of view as we marched up it. Our minds were playing tricks on us.

It logically had to be the only way out. And it was.

A relaxing hike had suddenly become a mini-adventure with a tinge of danger built into it: we were perilously close to being late for drinks!

It struck me that our arguments over the correct path home were a lot like the discussions i used to witness working for big agencies.

Nobody really knows the correct path and so everything becomes subjective and common sense goes out the window.

We found our way home by adhering to reality.

Similarly, advertising works best when it too adheres to reality.

The realities of the marketplace, the culture, the category, the customer, the buying decision should guide your thinking when creating advertising ideas.

Otherwise you will end up frustrated, overheated and irretrievably lost.

4 responses to “Lost in the woods

  1. Do we need to just focus on the process?

    • i would say start out dull and pragmatic and go from there John. and deal with reality as you go. Ready, aim, fire.

  2. topanga canyon state park

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