Daily Archives: May 11, 2012

My bitch with The Pitch

While in the very lovely city of San Francisco on business, wherein I saw the legendary Huey Lewis at a restaurant, I watched the first episode of the AMC show THE PITCH.

THE PITCH is an advertising agency based reality based around, you got it, the pitching process.

So there’s guaranteed drama and reality built into it.

Something I, as someone who has created a reality show, know to be a good thing.

This makes your life so much easier.

So this show should work.

But apparently it doesn’t, according to the ad biz here in the USA.

I’ve seen it decried on blogs etc as showing us advertising folk in a bad light.

Which is kind of funny when you think about it.

I wasn’t put off by that so much as the complete and utter lack of thought given to the execution of this rather promising idea.

I remember years ago, someone at ddb chicago had a great idea for a reality show about advertising. Shooting the development process for Budweiser’s (and Bud Light’s) super bowl ads. His name was (and remains) Brian Billow. Trust me, you’d want to watch that show. Because that was drama for real. But real fun drama.

Anyhoo, back to THE PITCH.

THE PITCH looks and feels like I directed it. Not a good thing.

The shooting and STAGING (big letters for a reason) of it clearly got no thought whatsoever.

“We’re the network that gave you MAD MEN, hey suck on this too!”, was clearly the mood at AMC HQ when they approved this idea.

It’s a pity.

It could have much better.

And ad folks aren’t really that shallow.

We’re much shallower.