An inspirational story

The movie DRIVE, starring Ryan Gosling, was directed by Nicholas Winding Refn.

NWR,as he shall heretoforth be known, is a younger Danish director who had a huge hit with his first movie PUSHER, a gritty and druggy noir pic. Copenhagen noir.

Pusher was a big hit and NWR was off to the races.

He did an American art pic (can you see what’s coming?) starring John Turturro that bombed commercially, sinking him into a hole of personal debt.

The documentary Gambler, is a portrait of an artist growing up and growing wise to the movie biz and the fickle public.

He decides to shoot two sequels to Pusher back to back to make money to get out debt.

Nicholas Winding Refn is a great talent.

And this documentary is a great look at his process.

God, i feel like his agent!

Watch it here.

One response to “An inspirational story

  1. I think he owes you a cut from his next film!

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