Marketing budgets. So much fun!

How much money do you have to spend?

It’s always the biggest question isn’t it?

It’s the same when you’re buying a house.

It’s the same when you’re buying a car.

“How much are willing to spend?”, is usually an understandable first question.

Just so the potential vendor can get a handle on what can be accomplished with the money you have to spend.

No point in designing a mansion if you only have $100K to spend, is there?

And if you have $40K and five kids to haul around, maybe a minivan, not a Maserati, is the the thing for you.

Makes sense, right.

Yet you’d be surprised at how many marketers seem to view their financial limitations as something that is simply for their agency to solve.

Well it isn’t.

It wasn’t our idea to try to gain the attention of the United States of America with a paltry sum.

That was your idea.

The attention of human beings will never be cheap.

Because they have more interesting things to think about than your brand. That’s why.

4 responses to “Marketing budgets. So much fun!

  1. As captivated as we all are by DVR and bootlegging, you’d think there would be more of a premium on the attention of an audience. What’s cheap is the technology to blow right past sales messages – what’s not is the quality of the one message that makes them actually press Stop in order to listen/watch.

  2. i guess you can always reply with, “well, how much are you willing to risk?” want cool shit? standing out is usually going to cost you one thing or another.

  3. and we kind of do churroe. we don’t want to fail either.

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