Life is poker

I am not a gambler. I once spent two nights in vegas without gambling a penny. just not interested.

I saw at a young age what gambling could do to people. And i didn’t like it.

Wide-eyed people going nuts over expensive games of chance.

How is that fun?

But a year or so ago i heard a radio documentary done by Irish radio.

It’s about three Irish poker players. And their progress in the Irish Poker Open. The oldest poker tournament in Europe.

And i kind of got obsessed by it.

I followed up on the personalities interviewed in it. Most notably Andy Black and Padraig Parkinson.

These guys are living life on the edge, all the time.

And having my own advertising agency, i can relate.

We both live by our wits.

We are only as good as our next hand/ad.

But it’s mostly great fun.

So we keep doing it.

And i am constantly struck by how life is like poker situations.

And i say this without actually ever playing the game of poker.

Poker is part skill and part luck. Just like life.

Which is why I am so keen on knowing these guys who have developed a very particular skill that has wide applications.

These guys can see through you and me like an x-ray.

You can hear the documentary here. I recommend it.

And as of tonight, Andy Black is the chip leader at the 2012 Irish Poker Open, going into day the third and final day. Easter Monday is a bank holiday in Ireland. 1916 etc.

The final table.

He’s like a tornado.

I hope he wins it.

Come on Andy!

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