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The Hunger Games will be huge. I predict $200 million opening weekend

I have three children (16, 12,10) who are voracious readers.

The world will someday recognize the great service that JK Rowling did this generatinon.

She hardwired their wee brains with brilliant and intricate storytelling.

This is a very tough crowd as a result.

Some of those books were unsettlingly thick for someone who grew up anesthetized by the blinking TV.

All three of my kids loved HP.  And all three similarly loved The Hunger Games.

This is a very savvy audience and the film-makers seem to have respected this. They really went all in on this one.

8.5 million views on youtube alone.

SFX: Earthquake rumblings!





UPDATE: HUNGER GAMES took in $155 over the weekend. A record for a non-franchise movie (ie, not Harry Potter or Batman). It could have taken in $200 if they had made in 3D. You can charge $2 more per ticket if it’s in 3D, you see.