I’m Irish and St. Patricks day is upon us

You will nae beat this wee film for celebrating the day that is in it.

Saint Patrick’s day is much bigger in the USA than it really is back home in Ireland.

I remember being vaguely mystified as to what to do on march 17 as a kid.

Bizarrely, it wasn’t even that big a drinking day. People just ambled about, not quite sure what they were supposed to do with this random day off. It usually ended in the pub but not automatically.

6 responses to “I’m Irish and St. Patricks day is upon us

  1. Thanks for the lesson, Vinny. I’ve started one, will let you know how it comes along. Have a great day tomorrow (hey, when in Rome).

  2. There was no drinking in Donegal either. The only hi-jinx was over who remembered the shamrocks for mass.

  3. I marched in the Saint Patrick’s Day Parade in NYC in 1958 with my high school. We were the last group marching, or next to last as the Sanitation Department was right behind us sweeping and picking up the detritus and horse manure that we had to side step as we walked from 47th Street and Fifth to 86th Street. I was 14, but it was Paddy’s Day and the NYC drinking age then was 18 and none of the Irish or German bars in Yorkville asked 14-year olds for ID cards. I don’t think they had Guinness, but I remember Schaefer and somebody asking me if I was Irish and saying “one-quarter. ”
    I also remember thinking that there better not be a fire in the city since it seemed half the fire department was crocked.

  4. That’s very funny Tom. Yeah, March 17 would be a great day to do a heist that involved setting fire to something in NYC.

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