As a longtime emigrant from my home country, I bring an outsider’s perspective whenever I go back to Ireland.

And one thing that always strikes me about my countrymen and women is that they treat conversation in a different manner than we do here in the USA.

In the USA conversation is more functional. We talk about what we’re doing and how we feel about things.

In Ireland we do that too.

But we are also conscious that there is a thing greater than us.

The conversation that we are having.

That is an entity unto itself.

And the conversation is like a fire that must be fuelled and stoked.

There is a myth that Irish people like to drink.

We like to talk.

And so the pub conversation becomes the fire that must be stoked. We all have to chip in with entertaining stories or it dies a death.

And the fun stops.

This cannot happen!

We realize that we are own entertainment, so we all crank it up a notch just to be interesting. We realize the need to be “on”.

The creative process at The Escape Pod is very much like this.

In the center of the room is the brand problem at hand (the conversation).

And we all talk ourselves into a frenzy, sometimes literally, about and around the problem.

Argument is actively encouraged.

From heat comes light.

And in the process we have insights, ideas and jokes and weird thoughts.

And we try to keep this ball in the air as long as we can.

And then we get exhausted. And we stop.

And the next day it starts all over again.

The best part is it’s pure fun because we all love what we do.

It’s the best process.

Because other than being completely and utterly draining, it’s effortless.


  1. Bloody lovely piece Vinny. Irishmen are like Greeks, wherever they live they are always Irish at heart (or Greeks). What you describe about Ireland is why such a small country has given the world so much glorious poetry (Greeks on the other hand have been a bit thin on the ground in the poetry stakes since Homer). On another note – it appears I’ve been let down by Bogrod – mighty embarrassing. I fear Warner have put the wind up him! Off to Blighty for a couple of months so maybe I can charm (or threaten – he is quite small after all) him. Sorry if I over promised (it’s an English thing!)

    • glad you liked simon. it’s a performance, basically. but it is great fun. and don’t worry about Bogrod. I appreciate the effort. so thank you.

  2. This is lovely Vinny :)

  3. That’s why they say the scousers are the funniest, barmiest people in Britain: they’re half Irish.

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